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All About Exfoliating Mitts

In this article, we will discuss exfoliating mitts. When it comes to skin care, it’s important to exfoliate twice a week in order to keep pores clear and the skin as a whole rejuvenated. That’s where exfoliating mitts come in handy.

An exfoliating mitt is shaped like a mitten or a glove and is designed to fit over your hand like such. The best time to use an exfoliating mitt is when you are in the shower, as you can use this item on your body in its entirety. To use an exfoliating mitt, you place it on your hand and gently sweep it across the surface of your skin. As the mitt is rough in texture, rubbing your skin too hard could cause irritation and sensitivity.


As mentioned above, you want to exfoliate your skin twice a week, but it’s important not to do so more than this. When you exfoliate the skin of your body, you help release dirt and dead skin cells and clear your pores to aid your skin in staying clear and fresh. In turn, this can limit the number of breakouts you have. When you exfoliate more than twice in a 7 day period, however, the opposite can be true. Overworking your skin can dry it out, which in turn can cause your pores to produce more oil than necessary, causing more breakouts than you began with. So make sure that you limit the use of your exfoliating mitt to two times per week.

In conclusion, an exfoliating mitt is an excellent item when it comes to skin care, and it helps you to target your whole body while getting ready in the morning. You can find exfoliating mitts at most locations where beauty and spa products are sold. Healthy and glowing skin is possible with an exfoliating mitt, so get yours today.