How Do You Trim Your Sideburns Properly?


Are you going to grow your sideburns out? These are the portions of the beard on the side of your face skin that are up higher around your ears. Some people prefer not having any facial hair, but they will like to have long sideburns. They can come in many different shapes and sizes. It really depends on the size of your cheekbones, how much hair you have to work with, and how long or far out it can grow. You can decide what to do with it by looking at a bunch of others that have posted their pictures online. You might find someone the look similar to you that has something that you like. Here are some tips on how you can trim the sideburns properly once you have decided to choose one particular type over another.

Why Would You Want To Grow Sideburns?

Growing sideburns is a trend that many people have. It usually begins with just having the hair from the upper portion of your beard grow down to about the bottom of your ears on the front side using beard care products. It gives a distinctive appearance. However, there are those that, especially in the 70s, would grow them further out, going underneath there cheekbones, creating a very unique appearance. Other people will grow them much longer, further down toward the cheekbone. Regardless of the size of the sideburns, you need to know how to trim them.

How Do You Trim Sideburns?

You can trim sideburns very easily by using a razor. For example, if it is not too thick, a simple razor with a little bit of shaving cream will allow you to get this done. The other possibility is that you can use a body hair trimmer – remington products which you can purchase and turn on every day. However, it is not recommended that you are using some type of a Norelco regular shaver. It is because they are rounded on the ends. If you do that, it’s going to mess up the actual appearance of the sideburns which should have straight edges.

By doing this once a day, and allowing it to grow thick, it can create a very distinctive appearance on your face. By using either a manual shaver, or if you are going to use an electric shaver, make sure that it has a trimming mode. This has a straight edge to give you the straight lines that you will need for your sideburns to look good.