Tips For Repairing Jewelry At Home


Doing your own jewelry repairs at home can save you money, while also preserving your jewelry. Jewelry can be a very expensive investment, and fortunately, there are ways you can mend your jewelry without having to send it to a jeweler for repairs.

If a chain for your pendant breaks, or the clasp comes off of one of your necklaces, a few simple techniques will get your favorite jewelry pieces back into your everyday accessory rotation. All you need to do is make sure you have access to some basic materials and tools, and you can start repairing your damaged jewelry.

The following are some techniques that you can use depending on the type of jewelry you are trying to repair, or the way the jewelry was broken.

Keep in mind that jewelry repairs can not only be expensive, but it can be complicated. However, you can repair your own jewelry that you can do right in the comfort of your home. You will need to be able to tell the difference between a DIY repair and a repair task that is more complicated and requires the knowledge of a professional jeweler.

Jewelry Repairs You Should Not Do At Home

There are some jewelry repairs that are best left to the professionals. These types of repairs include:

Ring sizing
Prong rebuilding
Stone tightening and replacement

Jewelry Repairs You Can Do At Home

On the other hand, there are a variety of jewelry repairs that you can complete from the comfort of your home. One of these repairs is buffing and polishing away scratches. By using a polishing cloth that is made from high-quality materials, you will be able to remove surface stains and scratches.

By cleaning your jewelry on a regular basis, you can prevent the accumulation of dirt and grime on your jewelry pieces. You should aim to clean your jewelry at least once a week to guarantee maximum sparkle and shine of your fine jewelry.

Do you have a necklace or bracelet that has knots? This is a very common occurrence in herringbone necklaces and bracelets. You can unknot these chains by sliding straight pens into the knots in the chain, and wriggle the pins in order to loosen the knots.

If you have loose pearls on your necklace or earrings, you can glue them back on by using simple tools like an Exacto knife and epoxy. The knife will help to remove the old glue, and epoxy can be used moderately in order to glue the pearl back to the post or peg.

You can also change out clasps on your jewelry by using a pair of pliers. This tool will allow you to remove the old clasp and replace it with the new clasp in a short amount of town.

If you find that your DIY jewelry repair dayton is too challenging, or you do not have the tools to complete the project, you may want to find a local jeweler that can do the repair for you.